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Team Set-up Guide

Before Requesting a New Team

To Request a New Team

  • Click Help
  • Click Contact Support.
  • Select I want to setup a data team.
  • Provide the desired name of the team (make sure that the team name is sufficiently unique) and the person who will be the team contact/administrator.
  • Click Send Message.

To Configure Your New Team

  • Click Teams (your new team should appear in the team list)
  • Select the team you want to administer. You should see 5 tabs.
  • Attributes: This where you can change your team name, update the team contact, provide a meaningful description of the team, and provide a link to your team web site.
  • Members: This is where you can add team members and configure their roles. (See table below.)
  • Data: Once you publish data in this team, you will see the data items listed here.
  • Groups: These are all the "Team Groups" created/owned by your team.
  • Requests: These are all the requests submitted by users that are owned by your team.

Member Roles

When adding members to your team, use the following as a guide for assigning appropriate roles.

  • Member: If you add someone to the team, and do not check any of the "Role" boxes, they are a standard member. They can access a team's data items and documentation.
  • Support: Receives and processes data requests (including access requests). Can respond to customer requests on the Request tab.
  • Developer: Has the ability to maintain API credentials.
  • Publisher: Can publish data items on behalf of the team. This is what causes the "Publish" option to appear on the Campus Data menu.
  • Approver: Receives and processes data requests (including access requests).
  • Steward: Can review and approve new warehouse access requests.
  • Admin: Can modify team attributes, add new team members, and assign roles to team members.