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September 2021 Update

To further streamline support within Campus Data, questions on existing articles will be directed to the publishing team's standard support process via email. This will get your question in front of the right people the fastest. Campus Data Requests (or CDR's) will only be created for:

  • The Campus Data related questions / bug reports.

  • Automated Access Requests (which require a CDR to coordinate the connection with Universal Workflow).

February 2019 Update

The Campus Data team realized that support requests aren't particularly visible in Campus Data, and therefore have a tendency to go stale. Unless users experience timely answers their questions and requests, they're unlikely to trust Campus Data as a source of reporting data for their needs. On that basis, several updates to Support Requests were delivered this month.

  • The Campus Data team now has an administrative dashboard where the status of all active requests is visible.

  • Everyone with a support role on a team will receive a weekly email reminder if that team has active support requests pending.

  • Support requests that sit for 90 days with no activity will be closed out and the user will be directed to contact directly the users who have a support role on that team.

January 2019 Update

The Campus Data team released enhancements to the routing available in the automated workflow. Previously, the data team and the user's direct supervisors were the only approval routing options. As of this release, the following options have been added:

  • Skip-level supervisor
  • Institutional Roles

In addition, custom instructions can now be added at the security group level or individual data item level, making it possible to provide more robust instructions both for the user submitting the request, as well as the approvers approving the request.

December 2018 Update

As of December 2018, MAUI Reports now use campus data for publishing.

September 2018 Update

Campus Data now allows publishers to publish data sources in addition to standard data items. To facilitate the new data type, a new role - that of Data Steward - was also added. Data Stewards approve access requests for data sources.

October 2017 Update

Users leaving the University of Iowa or changing Org/Dept are automatically de-provisioned. (Aligns to MAUI security/de-provisioning process.)

December 2016

Terms of Use can be configured and required for each security group or data item. If enabled, users must accept terms of service before being granted access.

October 2016 Update

  • Automated FERPA check enabled.
  • Created the ability to manage AD groups inside Campus Data
  • Users can request access and gain approval via Universal Workflow with Optional Supervisor & Team Approval