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Frequently Asked Questions for Users

How do I get started searching Campus Data?

Check out the Quick Start Guide for a quick tutorial on how to search Campus Data. If you need more information, try the Campus Data Basics.

Can I narrow my search based on the format of the report I'm looking for (i.e. dashboard vs Excel workbook)?

Yes. On the Find Data / Data Explorer page, you can filter your results by selecting a specific format from the Data Format drop down.

When I click on a search result, it tells me I have to request access. Why?

Campus Data allows you to find data items that you may be interested in, but to which you do not yet have access. Campus Data allows publishers to automate the access request workflow too! Request access and you should get a reply quickly. If you do not receive a reply:

  • Click the View in Workflow button on the support request to see where the item is in Universal Workflow. It may be awaiting supervisor approval.
  • Contact the Campus Data support team with the request number that was generated (CDR-XXXX), so the status can be determined.

Can every report published at the University of Iowa be found in Campus Data?

Not yet. Publishers must take proactive steps to publish their data in Campus Data. If you know of reports that you're not finding in Campus Data, refer the publisher to the Campus Data Product Manager Dawn Moore.

I'm not a publisher of data items, but I'd like to curate a list of reports for my team. Can I do that in Campus Data?

Yes! See the [Collections Guide] ( for information on how to create and manage a Collection in Campus Data.