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Developer API

Campus Data offers developer integration through a series of APIs. These APIs allow you to integrate your application directly with Campus Data so that Campus Data can serve as a hub for all of your reporting needs.

Types of endpoints

There are essentially two types of endpoints in Campus Data: those that use keys to authenticate the client and those that use UIP (HawkId login) tokens to authenticate. Think of them as application endpoints and user endpoints.

  • Application endpoints are used by applications (MAUI, Self-Service, etc.) to communicate with Campus Data to retrieve and manage records stored in Campus Data. Data is returned as JSON through these endpoints.
  • User endpoints use a user's UIP tokens to facilitate a single sign-on session and directly call functionality in Campus Data. The most common use case for this setup would be to use an AJAX request to grab a signed-in user's view of data items in Campus Data. Data is returned as HTML through these endpoints. We are still exploring this type of endpoint. If you are interested, please contact us, so we can work through a solution together.

Obtaining and using keys

There are no publicly accessible API endpoints in Campus Data, so in order to integrate with the application APIs in Campus Data, you will need a set of keys. These keys are a represented by a UserId and a password. Keys can be generated and obtained on the Team's credential panel. All of the interactions with Campus Data endpoints are scoped to the team that owns the keys. If you need to interact with multiple team's data, you will need to use multiple API keys.

API specifications

See the Swagger API specifications for details about each endpoint. The Swagger documentation will allow you to view the data model and determine what parameters required. The interface also allows you to provide your API keys and try out each endpoint.