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Kick the Tires

Campus Data is now available to anyone with an active hawkid. We are still working with Data Teams to fine tune features and help them get their data loaded into our catalog. Feel free to look around and send us feedback with any issues or suggestions. We don't consider Campus Data ready for campus until we are able to load a significant number of items into our catalog, but we are working to make that happen and we will post further updates as we make progress.

Review our Quick Start Guide and look around.

Posted on Apr 7, 2016.

Opening Soon

The Campus Data team has been hard at work building the campus data portal and working with data teams to evaluate their needs. We have completed all of the features on our todo list for our initial release and are currently working with a handful of teams who have production access to publish their data and work with some inital beta users to make sure that things are working as expected.

We will work with these data teams for a few more weeks, make any adjustments they recommend, and flush out our help and support articles. Check back in early March and Campus Data will open for all users on campus. Our work doesn't stop then however, we plan to continue to work with data teams around campus to help them bring their data to Campus Data. Beyond that, we will evaluate usage to see what is working well and what is not. Last, we still have a large todo list of features that we will bring to Campus Data in future versions.

Posted on Feb 1, 2016.

Work in Progress

The Campus Data team continue to work on implementation. We have pushed out the the simple placeholder at that gives campus an idea of what will be coming soon, along with this project roadmap, and our simple workflow form for collecting feedback. We have setup a demo site, and a test site that we can use during development and continue to flush out the project scaffolding that was developed during the prototype stage.

We continue to meet with campus stakeholders and are scheduled to meet with leadership in the Research organization, associate Deans and DEOs, as well as the IDUG membership in the near future.

Posted on Oct 1, 2015.